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Teen star Miley Cyrus danced her troubles away following her drug scandal last week (10Dec10)- by partying with her Undercover movie co-star Kelly Osbourne.

The 18-year-old singer/actress sparked outrage on Friday after film footage of her smoking a huge pipe, believed to contain the legal high Salvia, was posted online.

She came under attack from anti-drug campaigners and her own father, Billy Ray Cyrus, admitted he was "sad" and "sorry" for his daughter's behaviour.

But Miley Cyrus refused to let her worries get her down over the weekend (11-12Dec10) and she hit the clubs in New Orleans, Louisiana in the early hours of Saturday (11Dec10) with Kelly Osbourne and their fellow film stars.

A source tells People.com, "It was a good, old-fashioned girls' night. They were just dancing and hanging out..."

And Miley Cyrus really let her hair down when a Lady Gaga song came on: "(Cyrus) went nuts dancing. (The group) was really nice and great to the staff. They kept saying how they want to come back. They were really polite... and saying they had such a wonderful time."

Kelly Osbourne later tweeted about their quality time together, writing on her blog, "Had an amazing weekend of bonding with my castmates we are going to have so much fun filming this movie!"