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Matthew Morrison turned off career in medicine after delivery room experience

Matthew Morrison was turned off the idea of following his father into midwifery after witnessing a woman give birth.

The Glee star's dad was a medic in the army and Morrison admits he always admired the pride his father took in his work.

But any chances of Morrison pursuing a similar career were dashed for good after shadowing his dad in a hospital delivery room.

He says, "I had this fascination with my dad, I was so proud of him... So my senior year of high school, it was like 'Take your son to work day', but there were no other kids there, it was just me.

"So I went into the delivery room and I had the surgical mask, a little visor so you could only see my eyes... But I saw the screaming and the blood and I was like, yeah, think I'm gonna keep singing and dancing for a living!"