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LeAnn Rimes' Independence Day made extra-special by thankful in-laws

Leann Rimes' Independence Day (04Jul) "took on a whole new meaning" this year (11) after she witnessed how much the celebratory holiday means to her husband Eddie Cibrian's family.

Rimes, who married the actor in April (11), hosted a barbecue for the couple's loved ones on the Fourth of July and she was overwhelmed to discover how special the holiday is to Cibrian's relatives.

Opening up about the emotional party on her blog, Rimes writes, "This was the first year Eddie and I spent the 4th of July as a family and with his parents. This year, Independence Day took on a whole new meaning for me, a much deeper meaning.

"Eddie's parents came over from Cuba very young and have had great freedom here in America for many years. Of course my freedom and our country mean so much to me, but it just hit me how thankful his parents and family are.

"They are proud to be wearing our country's colors. I was actually moved to tears in that instant; having this whole realisation in my head... I really had a moment. I just walked away for a minute to gather myself... we are very lucky people to have the freedom we have.

"I will celebrate our country on every 4th of July a little differently for the rest of my life."