Katy Perry planning time off for Russell Brand

Katy Perry is demanding time off from her busy touring schedule to spend with her husband Russell Brand because she gets bored when her days are centered around her concerts.

The California Gurls hitmaker admits she was miserable during her Hello Katy Tour because she was too busy performing and promoting her music to enjoy herself.

Katy Perry, who wed the British funnyman in India last year (10), insists her personal life takes precedence over her career now that she's a married woman.

She says, "My husband is my number one priority. We have an amazing relationship. It's important that I'm not always rushing around too much. I have to take the time to live life and have experiences.

"On the last tour it didn't feel like I was really living. I'd be in Barcelona and people would be saying, 'You must be loving it.' And I was like, 'All I've done is try the tomato soup from room service.'"