Justin Timberlake comes to the aid of woman hit by golf ball

Justin Timberlake turned on the charm during a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Nevada on Wednesday (12Jul17) after a pal hooked a ball into a spectator.

When it became clear a woman in the crowd at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship had been hit by a stray ball, the singer walked over to make sure she was going to be OK.

Seconds later, the tense situation lightened up as Justin started joking with the injured woman and the crowd surrounding her.

As the golf resumed, Justin was overheard berating the man behind the bad shot, joking, "What did you do, Richard?"

It's not clear who the singer was playing with, but retired Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was among the celebrities taking part in the tournament.

A bystanders say, "The woman who was hit was a little shocked but Justin made sure she was OK before continuing."