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However, Bieber's fans still plotted a way to gain access to the building to meet their idol.

He tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "The Beliebers have done some pretty crazy stuff. Last week, the night before I was due to do a show in Germany, four girls went into a dumpster so they could sneak into the building.

"They climbed in and hid. When the guys working on the truck started getting the garbage they found them straight away. It was crazy."

The 16 year old also reveals he is forced to check into hotels under different names in order to avoid over-eager fans finding out where he stays.

Bieber adds, "I don't get girls putting their numbers under my room door because I go under an alias so they can't find my hotel. I used to check in as Chuck Norris, then someone found out so I had to find a new one."