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Jennifer Lopez has been left stunned by Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler's big heart as she sits next to him on the new-look American Idol judging panel - because he always knows what to say to the wannabes who appear before them.

The Love in an Elevator singer brought viewers to tears last week when he hugged and kissed the severely brain damaged fiancee of American Idol contestant Chris Medina.

And Jennifer Lopez was also caught offguard by the outpouring of emotion from the rocker during the tender moment.

She admits she's often left speechless by Steven Tyler - because she had no idea he was such a kind and generous person.

She says, "He's so lovable and adorable... He's just that guy.

"Chris (Medina) had told us in the audition that she (fiancee Juliana Ramos) was a huge Aerosmith fan, a huge Steven Tyler fan... We didn't know how she was, that she was in a wheelchair or anything, we just knew that she was in an accident... We thought she was gonna be maybe on crutches or recuperating. We didn't expect her to be like that.

"It took us by surprise and moved us."