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Jamie Foxx is preparing to scare TV audiences - he's writing and producing a star-studded horror series co-hosted by Denise Richards and his rumoured girlfriend Stacey Dash.

Jamie Foxx and business partner Deon Taylor will co-executive produce Night Tales, a horror anthology series based on 2008 TV movie Nite Tales: The Movie.

The pair has already co-written and co-directed the pilot and several half-hour episodes, featuring guest spots from rapper Method Man, funnyman Tom Arnold and actor Jason Mewes.

A network is not yet attached to the series but Deon Taylor insists the scary show won't be restricted to adult audiences.

He tells Variety, "Some of them (the episodes) will be very, very horrified (sic), and others will be more supernatural. But they're all (rated) PG (parental guidance suggested); there won't be any superbloody things happening to people."