Guns N' Roses guitarist Dj Ashba has lashed out at the organiser of Britain's Reading and Leeds Festivals, branding him "cocky" and "money-grubbing" after a bust-up over the band's set.

The band was left fuming after bosses pulled the plug early during their headlining slot in Reading on Friday (27Aug10), forcing the rockers to perform acoustically and overrun their finish time.

A spokesperson for the event claimed the gig was cut short to keep with curfew laws but Ashba is convinced the festival's director, Melvin Benn, has long held a "grudge" against the band.

In posts on, Ashba writes, "They pulled the power, but failed to kill the connection as 90,000 people sang Paradise City...

"Apparently the promoter has had a personal grudge with Guns N' Roses stemming from eight years ago (when Guns N' Roses last appeared at the festival).

"If this was the case, why book the band? He knows our show. Let me guess... To take our fans' money and then not allow us to give them a show that they paid for. This was clearly not a curfew thing because after cutting our power like a selfish, money-grubbing p***k, he allowed music blasting throughout the venue 'till the early morning.

"The promoter was already being a cocky f**k in the press before we arrived. So yes, we went on a little late, and for this we apologies (sic). However, our fans paid to see a show, and that's why we showed up, to give them just that. Sad that this promoter's music festival has little to do with the fans or the love for music."

Confusion still surrounds Guns N' Roses' planned headline set at Reading's twin Leeds event on Sunday night (29Aug10) after frontman Axl Rose vowed to pull out.

Before departing the stage, Rose told the crowd: "Unfortunately due to tonight we will not be at Leeds, although we will try and play a bit more now."

A festival rep has stated the band is still scheduled to play at Leeds.