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In the clip, his then-teenage daughter Taylor-Ann, who shot the video, could be heard saying, "Tell me you are going to stop, tell me you are going to stop."

David Hasselhoff has previously admitted the tape was the wake up call he needed to face up to his alcohol addiction, and now he's revealed he enjoys a better relationship with Taylor-Ann and her sister Hayley because of the incident.

The actor tells Britain's The Sun, "The best part about it was what it did for my children. So many children called and said that their mum and dad are just like that. They asked, 'What do we do?'

"It gave my children a great place to say, 'Hey, you just love them because we love my dad more than anything and it brought us closer to each other.' And in the end it's a video. Who cares, you know? I am still here.

"In the end a lot of people who saw that video laughed at it, most of the people that saw that video see themselves."