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David Beckham wants balls for birthday

David Beckham has asked fans to celebrate his upcoming birthday by helping him donate thousands of soccer balls to charity.

The soccer ace turns 36 years old on 2 May (11) and he wants devotees to mark the occasion by giving $33 to purchase leather footballs for those less fortunate around the world.

The dad-of-three, who is expecting his fourth child with wife Victoria Beckham, insists every kid should have the chance to play his favourite sport.

An appeal from Beckham in Britain's The Sun newspaper reads, "Often kids have to play football (soccer) with cans and discarded rubbish - or they've nothing at all and miss out totally.

"Now I'm almost 36 and I'm asking all Sun readers to help put this right."

Fans can visit the UNICEF website to give to the cause.

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