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Charlie Sheen wanted to 'hijack' Brand's SNL stint

Charlie Sheen planned to poke fun at his hard-partying ways with former drug addict Russell Brand on Saturday Night Live - but his advisers stopped the skit over fears for his reputation.

The troubled actor hit the headlines in October (10) when cops were called to the Plaza Hotel in New York after he trashed his suite during a night of passion with adult actress Capri Anderson.

The Two and a Half Men star was desperate to spoof his infamous night in the Big Apple when Russell Brand hosted SNL last month (Feb11) - butCharlie Sheen's worried representatives warned against the idea.

Charlie Sheen tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "I had this plan to fly to New York and hijack Russell Brand for Saturday Night Live.

"(The skit) would be him tearing up the hotel and then I come out of the wings and go, 'No, no, no. This is amateur. This isn't what happened. Bring in some more dead hookers.'

"I got shut down. They said it created the illusion I was not taking rehab seriously."

But Charlie Sheen, who insists he has quit alcohol and drugs, has found a kindred spirit in Brand, adding: "He's a mad genius. He's a gift to all things galactic and extragalactic. He's got liquid magic. You don't speak to him, you just absorb him. He really doesn't care what people think - but they think he's awesome and they're right. He's awesome every second of every day because he's a winner."