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Carrie Underwood frustrated by tardy Paisley

Carrie Underwood became frustrated while working with fellow country star Brad Paisley because the singer is always late.

The stars have teamed up to record a track called Remind Me for Paisley's new album, This Is Country Music, but Underwood admits the collaboration nearly didn't happen because of their busy schedules.

Paisley's record was delayed, and it meant they were able to find time to record together - but Underwood, who describes herself as always punctual, reveals she was baffled by his poor timekeeping.

Speaking at the Billboard Country Music Summit in Nashville, Tennessee, she said, "I want to be on time. I want to be prepared... Let me tell you about Brad Paisley. Brad is not on time. Ever... I always say, (Paisley song) Waitin' on a Woman? Yeah, right! It's Waitin' on Brad.... This (collaboration) was the most unorganised (sic) thing I've ever been a part of. But I was so excited by the song when the words came together."

But Underwood is still a big fan of Paisley, despite his tardiness, adding, "He's just a nice guy. You cannot not like Brad Paisley."