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Carey Mulligan was too nervous for Depp kisses

Carey Mulligan's romantic scenes with Johnny Depp were scrapped from their movie Public Enemies because she looked too nervous kissing the Hollywood hunk.

The British actress repeatedly smooched with Depp for the 2009 crime drama, but each take ended up on the cutting room floor because Mulligan looked too apprehensive on film.

She tells U.K. TV host Graham Norton, "I had to kiss him several times. It was 16 times, but it was cut out of the film because I looked so uncomfortable.

"I was kissing Johnny Depp and I got really nervous."

And Mulligan was also left starstruck by her acting idol Leonardo DiCaprio when they began filming an upcoming movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

She adds, "I grew up watching everything he's ever done and it's difficult as I have to hide my inner fan when I am around him - it's terrible. He claims not to be able to dance when we do a dancing scene and I have to hide the fact that I know he can because I saw him dance in Titanic."