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Camila Alves launches lifestyle website

Matthew Mcconaughey's designer wife Camila Alves has become the latest celebrity to launch her own lifestyle website.

The mother-of-three is offering up her tips and tricks to other females, and covering everything from clothing and make-up to home decorating and cooking on WomenofToday.com.

"Throughout the years I have learned that I love anything to do with cooking, decorating, kid activities, beauty and fashion," the 33-year-old tells People.com, "(and) if I can teach something that I have learned and make anyone's life easier, as it did for me, then that makes me happy!"

Camila, who is a regular contributor for breakfast show Today, is also eager to hear feedback from readers so she can pick up a few pieces of advice herself.

"I was motivated to launch WomenofToday.com from the idea that we, as women, are a community," Camila continues. "We learn from each other every day in many different ways! That's why I use the line: 'All of us all the time!'"

And the Brazilian beauty is keen to keep everything at a reasonable price.

"The goal is that everything you see on the site should be affordable - with the exception of special occasions of course - and super easy to make," she adds. "So if you have never cooked, done crafts or styled your hair in a certain way before, we make it easy and accessible so that you can do it!"

Camila will take fans through her latest projects in a weekly video stream every Wednesday - and blog readers shouldn't be surprised if one of her young kids - or even Oscar winner Matthew - make appearances once in a while.

"My kids do eat all the food I make for the website," she explains. "I can tell you a lot of what I am sharing is what I do or have done at home. So let's just say that the kids are having a lot of fun with all the projects!"

Camila joins the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Vanessa Hudgens, and Shay Mitchell, who have all launched lifestyle blogs in recent years.