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And those conflicts included a comedy skit for late-night series Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jackass leader Johnny Knoxville was a guest on Tuesday night's (29Mar11) show and he was thrilled to play along with a gag, suggesting Spears was a part of the Jackass 3D movie - but he had to cut her appearance out.

He then introduced a stunt that mirrored one sidekick Steve-O performed in the film - when he was strapped to a blue Port-o-potty and propelled into the air on an elastic bungee cord.

The contents of the portable toilet emptied out over Steve-O as he bounced up and down.

Spears shot her version of the stunt on Tuesday afternoon - but her gag wasn't quite as messy.

She donned unflattering safety goggles and announced, "Hi, I'm Britney Spears and this is the Poo Cocktail Supreme," before locking herself in a Port-o-potty identical to the one used in the film.

The Jackass team pretended to vomit as footage of Steve-O's filthy stunt was cut with Spears' skit, but she was merely sprayed with water and stumbled out of the toilet soaking wet.

Spears then chased Knoxville and his team around a high school playing field and even pretended to punch the lead prankster in the genitals.

Britney also performed new songs Til The World Ends and Hold it Against Me on Kimmel's show - to promote her new album Femme Fatale, which was released on Tuesday.

A fit and healthy-looking Spears wowed thousands of fans lucky enough to get free tickets for the outdoor Kimmel show in two figure-hugging, shimmering one-piece basques.