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Justin Bieber has silenced rumours of outrageous backstage behaviour with the publication of his tour rider, which reveals the young star's modest demands.

Speculation about the teenage pop star's antics have swirled ever since a crew member on an Australian TV show alleged the singer had a tantrum and swore at a floor manager earlier this year (10).

The gossip was further fuelled when the Baby hitmaker reportedly stormed out of an interview with a British journalist at a festival in May (10) - but he's now proved he doesn't have any diva-like demands on the road, simply asking for a selection healthy fruit platters, herbal teas and mineral waters for his dressing room.

The rider, obtained by Thesmokinggun.com, reveals Bieber also requests a supply of plain white t-shirts and socks, as well as a packet of candy, honey and lemons, and a bag of chips.