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Adam Sandler and Justin Bieber have 'super random' run-in

Adam Sandler and Justin Bieber had a "super random" run-in on Monday (18Jan16) after unexpectedly passing each other while walking in Los Angeles.

The Sorry singer was taking a stroll in Beverly Hills, and had his tour manager Corey Gamble shoot a video of him from behind, unaware he would catch the surprise meeting on camera.

In the clip posted on Instagram.com, a voice off camera is heard saying, "Biebs!", and the pop star turns around to greet the comedian with a friendly handshake.

"Hey, what's up dude?", Bieber says in the footage with a huge smile on his face. "Hey, what's up homeboy? Good to see you, man." Sandler replies, flashing a peace sign to the lens, as he and his seven-year-old daughter Sunny continue to walk in the other direction.

Bieber added the caption, "Totally did not plan getting that on video!!! Super random Adam sander (sic) living legend."