Adam Lambert is eyeing a career in Hollywood - the outlandish singer wants to eventually make the transition from the stage to the big screen.

Lambert shot to fame on hit TV talent show American Idol and went on to launch a recording career, but his roots are in musical theatre and he hopes he will be given the opportunity to put his acting skills to the test.

He tells the Malay Mail, "I'd definitely be interested in that. I did theatre for about 10 years in Los Angeles and a little bit in Europe.

"Getting back into acting would be very exciting and something that would make sense for me. I don't have any immediate plans but maybe something will come up. I think I'd like to try on-screen because I've never really done much of that, I've done a lot of theatre and I'm not saying I won't do more, but I'd like to do something new."

And Lambert thinks a cameo role in musical TV series Glee would help ease him back into acting.

He adds, "That would be cool... If they wanted to work together, I would enjoy that. It's a great show."