Actress Erika Christensen suffers broken arm

Erika Christensen is nursing a broken arm after a recent accident on her bicycle.

The actress, who now stars on TV hit Parenthood, was spotted out in Los Angeles on Tuesday (05Apr11) sporting a cast on her right forearm.

But the 28 year old is hoping for a rapid recovery thanks to cutting-edge medical technology and has had an ultrasound device fitted to her bandages.

She explains to, "I crashed my bike... It didn't really hurt... This is for an ultrasound. It stimulates bone growth... technology today, right!?"

And the injury hasn't hampered filming on her acclaimed new drama - her Parenthood character appeared with a cast on her arm during an episode which aired in America on Tuesday night (05Apr11). Her TV mum made reference to an ice-skating accident and the break was incorporated into the show.