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50 Cent offers $10,000 in new internet contest

50 Cent is embracing the giving spirit of Christmas by offering up a $10,000 award for a charity contest.

The hip-hop star has asked fans to film themselves "doing something positive" and upload their videos to YouTube.com for the chance to win the grand prize.

In a clip posted online, he explains, "I need you to send me a video, send me a video that shows what you (have) been doing with your energy. It could be with your family, it could be with your friends, it could be at work, it could be what you're doing out in the world... it could be comedy, I don't want to give any restraints to your creativity!"

A public vote will determine the winner of the contest, which is being held to promote 50 Cent's Street King energy drink. For every bottle of the beverage sold, the United Nations will provide one meal to an impoverished child.