Born in San Luis Obispo, California, Zac Efron lived the life of a of a regular Cali kid until he burst onto the entertainment scene. A drama teacher discovered his talent during a high school theatre production and recommended him to an agent. Once signed, Zac made several guest appearances on TV shows and eventually landed his breakout role in Disney's monster hit, High School Musical. This role escalated Zac to stardom and he quickly took the world (and teenage girls) by storm!

Zac's next project, Hairspray was also a commercial success, but he soon headed back to High School Musical for second and third installments. After, the success of High School Musical, Zac was cast as the lead in 17 Again and Me and Orson Wells. Young Hollywood adores this blue-eyed heartthrob, and knows that the world has only just begun to see all that Zac has to offer!



Growing up, Zac Efron had a crush on Tyra Banks. Tyra's poster was the first on Zac's wall.

Not all Zac Efron's vocals in High School Musical belong to him.

Zac Efron was Punk'd in April 2007 by High School Musical costar Ashley Tisdale and Ashton Kutcher. The set-up: He was accused of letting men steal a cash box from a clothing store.

Zac Efron was scheduled to attend his first year at USC, but deferred after landing his HSM role.




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