Taryn Manning was born on November 6, 1978, in Tucson, Arizona. Both an actress and singer, she became interested in performing at an early age. Taryn's career started in the 1990's with small acting roles, including guest stints on "NYPD Blue" and "The Practice." Taryn's success began to take off on the big screen in the film Crazy/Beautiful where she played Kirsten Dunst's best friend. Her popularity continued to grow in such films as Crossroads, 8 Mile and A Lot Like Love. In 2005, Taryn played a prostitute in the successful, critically acclaimed and Academy-Award winning film, Hustle & Flow. This movie helped cement Taryn's career in Hollywood.

Taryn is a multi-talented star! She is a singer in the band, Boomkat, and she also owns a fashion label, Born Uniqorn. With all of her many talents, it will be exciting to see what Taryn does next!










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