Shwayze (born as Aaron Smith) has made many more people become fans of the "Corona and Lime" combination. The rapper was born May 29, 1985, raised in a Malibu trailer park and calls himself the "only black kid in Malibu".

Shwayze's career began in 2005 when he started freestyling after he jumped up on a Malibu Inn stage where Whitestarr was headlining. Whitestarr frontman, Cisco Adler, automatically recognized his talent and began to work in the studio with him. Fast forward to Shwayze's self-titled debut album, which features Adler on every song, that was released mid-August. Two hot songs on the album are "Corona and Lime" and "Buzzin'", both of which reached spots on the Billboard Hot 100. The duo has starred in a reality TV series on MTV titled "Buzzin'" which followed them on their daily routines, performances and mishaps.

In 2009, the two will venture to Australia to support downunder's biggest hip-hop artist Bliss n Eso. With Shwayze's new west coast sound, Young Hollywood will cheers the artist with a nice Corona and Lime.

Young Hollywood caught Shwayze and Cisco Adler freestyling at the Sundance Film Festival!

We also met up with Shwayze and Cisco on the set of the music video shoot for their single "Get U Home."



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