Shaun White with award



Born: September 3, 1986

Carlsbad, California


Growing up in sunny California didn't keep Shaun White away from the snow for too long. His older brother, Jesse, is credited for getting on the slopes and riding with the big kids at the young age of 4 years old. As the littlest kid on the mountain with bright orange hair, it was easy to pick his talent out of a crowd. Spending summers at Mt. hood and winters shredding in Mammoth and Big Bear, he had nothing but time to develop his superior snowboarding skills. No snow? No problem! Skateboarding is a close second to his snowboarding; this athlete has truly helped define extreme sports.


Shaun grew up just as fast as extreme sports gained exposure, and has become a staple for boarding around the world. From Olympic Gold to the X Games, he continues to dominate. Although he's only in his early 20's, Shaun is definitely a veteran. We're all excited to see the tricks this guy is going to bust out next "" but be advised "" DO NOT TRY AT HOME.



When he was 5 he suffered from a condition called tetralogy of Fallot, which consists of a series of heart malformations "" two surgeries later he was back on a board

He won an Olympic gold medal in 2006

UBISOFT has introduced two Shaun White snowboarding games, the latest edition is a Wii-exclusive



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