Born: September 05, 1973
Florence, Italy
Rose McGowan an American actress was born in Italy and was raised in a commune run by the Children of God Cult. When she was 10 her family left the cult and moved to the United States where they resided in Oregon. At the age of 15 McGowan legally emancipated from her parents and began doing odd jobs to support herself.
Her acting career began when she moved to Los Angeles and was discovered by director Gregg Araki who cast her in his Sundance film The Doom Generation that was released in 1995. She continued to have film success in the 90’s with movies such as Scream and Jawbreaker but her career was overshadowed by her public relationship with controversial musician Marylyn Manson. She came out of the shadow when she was cast in the hit show “Charmed.” McGowan played the role of Paige Matthews for 5 seasons until the series came to an end in 2006. Her recent projects include Conan the Barbarian and Rosewood Lane, due out in October.



Interesting Facts

She didn’t speak English until she moved to the United States

She was sent to drug rehab when she was 14, because of her appearance because she was not on drugs!

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