Pete Wentz has made a name for himself both on and off the stage. After stealing his first guitar and playing in several bands in Chicago, Wentz rose to fame as the bassist for popular punk band, Fall Out Boy. Young Hollywood hung with the band backstage and got an inside peek into some of their quirky backstage rituals.

In addition to his musical endeavors, Wentz has now added another label to his expanding resume: entrepreneur. He launched his own record label, Decaydance Records and quickly signed fellow rockers Panic! At the Disco. Rapper Tyga is also signed on the label and Young Hollywood was there for the action when Pete dropped by the set to check on Tyga's new video. As if he wasn't already busy enough, Pete finds time to juggle his various other projects: he owns a film production company, opened up a nightclub, hosts his own show (FNMTV) and is even a published author, with two books already under his belt. But the most important job of all is husband of Ashlee Simpson and proud papa to the couple's first child.



  • Attended DePaul University and dropped out just one semester shy of graduation
  • His production company's logo is tattooed on his pelvis
  • His dog was the ring bearer at his wedding ceremony






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