Paris Hilton is the ultimate celebutante! Born in New York City, on February 17, 1981, Hilton grew up attending multiple private schools along with her sister Nicky. In 2001, Hilton began to build her reputation as "New York's Leading It Girl," and has lived up to the name ever since. Whether she's partying or prancing down the runway, she knows how to work it! Paris has worked as a model, actress, musician and entrepreneur proving that her talents and interests extend way beyond the runway. Young Hollywood caught up with Paris at an event for artist Todd Goldman where she discussed art, her favorite pieces and throwing rocks at boys. Hilton rose to mainstream fame after starring alongside Nicole Richie in the reality series "The Simple Life," which gave America a taste of the real Paris. She's appeared in multiple films like Zoolander, The Cat in the Hat and House of Wax, which won her an MTV Movie Award for "Best Scream." She tapped into the music industry releasing an album in 2004 simply entitled Paris. While her fame and fortune extend way beyond her early days as the Big Apple's baby, she will always be our generations leading socialite!



She was a member of her high school's hockey team,

Paris Hilton admitted to Vanity Fair that she often hears the clicking noises of cameras even when there are no photographers around.

Paris Hilton told Canada's National Post that she'd spend her last five dollars on a McDonald's Happy Meal.

Among the tongue-in-cheek "Paris-isms" she relayed to wannabe heiresses in her autobiography: "Eat sushi because the coolest and best people eat sushi."

Paris wears blue contact lenses. Her eyes are naturally brown in color.



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