Nicholas Jerry Jonas
Nicholas Jerry Jonas BIO

Nicholas Jerry Jonas

Born: September 16, 1992
Dallas, Texas

Nick was first discovered into show business as a child at a hair salon while singing. Nick Jonas is the youngest of the popular trio of Jonas Brothers, including Kevin and Joe. Nick was signed on to Disney’s Hollywood Records in February of 2007. Following their signing, he appeared with his brothers in an episode of Hannah Montana, which aired in conjunction with the television premiere of High School Musical 2. Their participation in the episode helped to skyrocket his career. Nick was also a member of Disney’s Camp Rock, where he and his brothers became an instant sensation among pre-teens and teens. The Jonas Brothers boy band was formed in 2006. While performing with the musical group, The Jonas Brothers, Kevin played guitar and was a backup singer. The Jonas Brothers’ albums include It’s About Time, Jonas Brothers, A Little Bit Longer and Lines, Vines and Trying Times.

Nick Jonas is an evangelical Christian. His father is ordained as an Assemblies of God pastor. He and his brothers are known for wearing purity rings. Following his diagnosis of Type I diabetes at 13-years-old, Nick has become a diabetes ambassador for Bayer Diabetes Care. The Jonas Brothers have been proponents of DoSomething.org. Nick was a part of the “Teens for Jeans” movement in 2010 with Aeropostale and he also completed a PSA for DoSomething.org’s “Battle of the Bands” campaign.



Nick owns 16 guitars.

Quote: “Live like you’re at the bottom even if you’re at the top.”

Nick once dated Miley Cyrus.

His favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.

He has two dogs, Cocco and Elvis.

Quote: “It doesn’t matter is the world is pulling you down. With Christ, you have everything.”