Born: June 30, 1985
Baltimore, Maryland


So how did Michael Phelps become one of the greatest Olympic athletes of all time? At seven years old, he began swimming and showed talent early on. By the time he was ten he held the national record for his age group.

Michael continued to improve exponentially until he qualified for the 2000 Summer Olympics at the ripe age of fifteen. He now holds fourteen Olympic gold medals, eight that were from the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics alone! After beating Mark Spitz's record for most gold medals won in a single Olympic games, it looks like his career in Hollywood is only just getting started. Michael has presented at the VMAs, filmed a cameo for Entourage, and even hosted "Saturday Night Live." Michael has also been the face of everything from Frosted Flakes to Speedo. No doubt this golden boy will continue to make his mark both in and out of the pool!



  • Michael is 6'4" and his wingspan is 6'7"!!
  • Michael's nickname is "MP"
  • Phelps listens to his favorite hip hop artists like Eminem and Young Jeezy before a race.




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