A.K.A Christopher Bridges
Born: September 11, 1977

Champaign, Illinois

Although he's been criticized for his controversial lyrics, Ludacris is the successful rapper behind hip-hop hits such as "Runaway Love" and "Moneymaker." In the ten years after his debut album, Back for the First Time, Ludacris also managed to realse seven other albums: Word of Mouf, Chicken-n-Beer, The Red Light District, Release Therapy, Theater of the Mind, and Battle of the Sexes.

In his albums Ludacris has collaborated with a diverse range of artists from Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Lil Wayne to Mary J. Blige, but the Grammy award-winner isn't just sticking to rapping. Ludacris is an established actor as well! He's appeared in multiple films including Crash and Hustle & Flow. In fact, Young Hollywood caught up with Ludacris at the Playboy Mansion where he was promoting his film with Mark Wahlberg, Max Payne. It doesn't look like Ludacris will be taking a break from the world of entertainment anytime soon!



  • Ludacris co-hosted of a show with rocker Tommy Lee for Planet Green entitled "Battleground Earth."
  • In April 2008, Ludacris partnered with Chef Chris Yeo to open Straits Restaurant, a Thai/Singaporean cuisine located in the heart of downtown Atlanta.
  • He worked as a radio presenter under the pseudonym DJ Chris Lova Lova at Atlanta hip-hop station


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