Formed in 1996
Agoura Hills, California

Members Chester Bennington, Rob Bourdon, Brad Delson, David "Phoenix" Farrell, Joe Hahn, and Mike Shinoda have gained worldwide fame with Linkin Park, due to their hot collaborations and experimental sound.

After struggling to get started, the band catapulted into stardom when their debut album Hybrid Theory became the best-selling album of 2001. Since then, Linkin Park has produced two more albums, Meteora and Minutes to Midnight, bringing them to a total of over 50 million albums sold! With their hot hits and fresh collaborations, there is no stopping Linkin Park.

Young Hollywood caught up with the band in Las Vegas where they were nominated for three VMA awards, including one for band mate Joe Hahn for best director! Whether they're touring with Projekt Revolution, working on a new album with fresh artists such as Timbaland, or just giving back, this Grammy award-winning group never slows down!



  • The band has a record label, Machine Shop Records, headlining Fort Minors hit record The Rising Tied.
  • Their original name was Hybrid Theory and after copyright problems they changed their name and called their first album Hybrid Theory instead.
  • They chose the spelling of their name because the domain name lincolnpark.com was too expensive.






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