Born: January 27, 1971

Atlanta, Georgia


This rap superstar is heard everywhere. Lil' Jon, known as "The King of Crunk," is most famous for the sound his music creates. It's unique in that it includes the Roland TR-808 kick, high dance tempos, cymbal taps and explicit lyrical content.

Lil' Jon has been called one of the most profound "beatsmiths" over the last couple of years and has won many awards to prove it including numerous Billboard awards, a Grammy, two MTV Music Video Awards, an American Music Award and much more. He is also said to be the pioneer of the hip hop sub-genre "crunk." Lil' Jon has collaborated on hits with artists such as Usher, Ying Yang Twins, Ice Cube and a handful of others.

Young Hollywood looks forward to what Lil Jon comes up with next!

Young Hollywood hangs with Lil' Jon in Las Vegas at the Oakley pre-VMA bash at the Hard Rock Hotel's Body English. Lil' Jon also preforms at Ryan Sheckler's Down For Life Event and tells us about how he loves the action sports guys.



Lil' Jon is a huge fan of the NHL's Atlanta Thrashers and writes a blog for them on NHL.com

He has his own energy drink called CRUNK!!!

He has his own line of Oakley Sunglasses and a clothing line called BME Click.




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