Born: April 24, 1982

Fort Worth, Texas


While in middle school, Kelly's choral director suggested that she sign up for the school choir, after hearing her sing in the hallway. She soon found herself engrossed with singing as she performed both overseas and in high school musicals. Also, she earned top honors as a member of the Texas All-State Choir.

After high school, Kelly decided to move to Los Angeles in order to make a name for herself in the music business. After experiencing some setbacks, such as her apartment burning down and having little money, Kelly moved back to Texas for a short while. However, she was determined to make it in the business, so she moved back to Los Angeles. Shortly thereafter, her friend encouraged her to try out for the first season of "American Idol." Her hard work paid off as she was named the first "American Idol" in 2002. After her victory, she took the stage and performed "A Moment Like This." The very next day, the song set a new record as it jumped from #52 to #1 on the Billboard charts; it held this position for two weeks. Seven years (and four albums) later she broke her own record with the single "My Life Would Suck Without You" from the 2009 album All I Ever Wanted, which jumped from #97 to #1. The previous record was set in 1964 for the Beatles' song, "Can't Buy Me Love."

Throughout her career, Kelly has received racked up multiple Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, MTV Awards and Billboard Awards.

Since her stint on "American Idol," Kelly has become a musical powerhouse, releasing
Thankful (2003), Breakaway (2004), My December (2007), and All I Ever Wanted (2009). But she is not only an award winning musician, she has also starred in the movie, From Justin to Kelly, and appeared in such television shows as "Reba," "Saturday Night Live," and "American Dreams."

Young Hollywood caught up with Kelly Clarkson at Motorola's Annual Hollywood Bash, where she was performing, and discussed her love of technology.



Hugh Jackman and Russell Crow are two of her celebrity crushes.

  • The first three albums that she ever bought were by Guns N' Roses, Boyz II Men, and Reba McEntire.
  • She prefers to have the lights off while she is in the recording studio.




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