Kellan Lutz, best known as Emmett Cullen in the hit movie Twilight, first began his acting career in 2004 when he made various appearances on hit shows such as "The Bold and the Beautiful", "CSI:NY", and "Summerland." Born in North Dakota and raised in Arizona, Kellan began modeling as a young teenager. While in school, he wanted to become a chemical engineer. However, after graduating from high school in 2003, he moved to California and decided to become an actor. Making the move from college to acting was hard for his parents to deal with, partly because he was offered various college scholarships. Since following his heart, Kellan has become a great success as he has had longer stints on shows such as "The Comeback," "90210," and "Generation to Kill," just to name a few. On the big screen, he has appeared in films such as Accepted and Prom Night. He was also given the opportunity to model for Abercrombie and Fitch.

Kellan is a growing superstar as he continually shows off his intimidating body and love for acting!

Young Hollywood got up close and personal with Kellan Lutz as he divulged his love of cars and his latest celebrity crush. He also and shared some of his favorite past-time activities as well as some unique fan encounters when we talked with him at the Street Fighter IV release party.



  • If he weren't an actor he said he would be training to become a Navy Seal.
  • He has 6 brothers and one sister.
  • He appeared in Hilary Duff's "With Love" perfume commercial and music video.





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