Joseph Adam Jonas
Joseph Adam Jonas BIO

Joseph Adam Jonas

Born: August 15, 1989

Casa Grande, Arizona

When Joe was younger, he first wanted to be a comedian and do sketch comedy. While he went into show business, comedy was not the route he took. Joe and two of his brothers are part of the famous Jonas Brothers, including his brothers Kevin and Nick. They have a younger brother, Frankie, who was born in 2000. He was on to Disney’s Hollywood Records in February of 2007. Following his signing, Joe appeared with his brothers in an episode of Hannah Montana, which aired in conjunction with the television premiere of High School Musical 2. Their participation in the episode helped to skyrocket his career. Joe appeared in Disney’s Camp Rock, where the boys became an instant sensation among pre-teens and teens. The Jonas Brothers boy band was formed in 2006. While performing with the musical group, The Jonas Brothers, Joe was the lead male vocalist in the band. He can also play keyboard, guitar and the tambourine. The Jonas Brothers’ albums include It’s About Time, Jonas Brothers, A Little Bit Longer and Lines, Vines and Trying Times. The Jonas Brothers won the Breakthrough Artist awards at the 2008 American Music Awards.

Joe Jonas is an evangelical Christian. He and his brothers are known for wearing purity rings. His father, Kevin Jonas, Sr., is ordained as an Assemblies of God minister.



Joe misses Rita’s Italian Ices. They aren’t in California. He had one right near his home in New Jersey when growing up.

Joe once dated Taylor Swift.

His favorite book is a Wrinkle in Time.

Joe performed in a church choir with his brothers when he was younger.

The first CD he ever bought was a Britney Spears CD from the 7-11. He had a crush on her after buying the CD and listening to her songs.

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