These Jersey boys are not only Disney's newest musical sensations, they are every teen girl's heartthrobs! With the success of their self-titled album, the Jonas Brothers have made their mark on Hollywood and they've done it with pure style! As members of summer 2008's film Camp Rock and their string of hit singles, these bros have secured their spots on everyone's A-list! Amongst other things, this rockin' trio has used their fame to rally the world toward saving the planet! Young Hollywood went backstage with the boys as they supported Chevy's new hybrid cars ""aren't these studs just the total package!

These handsome brothers are everywhere...Young Hollywood recently caught up with these charity supporting siblings at the City of Hope Concert and found out about their show and what Nick is getting for his birthday!



All three brothers agree that Nick is the smartest and biggest mama's boy of the bunch.

They call their tour bus Bertha.

"Jonas" means "dove" in its native Hebrew origin.

The brothers have their own secret handshake!

You're in luck girls...there is a fourth Jonas brother named Frank that has kept out of the spotlight!



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