Born: October 5, 1983

Whether he is playing a badass geek in movies like Zombieland, or an angsty geek in The Squid and the Whale, actor Jesse Eisenberg most certainly makes geek look chic on the big screen.

While most people know this Queens, NY native as a movie actor, he got his start in acting on the Broadway stage in 1996 as an understudy in the revival of the play "Summer and Smoke." Growing up in New York and New Jersey he continued his stage career while taking roles in independent features like Rodger Dodger for which he won a San Diego Film Festival award. By the age of 20 he was starring in films like Wes Craven's Cursed and played the eldest son of Laura Linney and Jeff Daniels in the aforementioned Squid and the Whale.

2009 was a particularly good year for Eisenberg who deferred attendance to New York University to pursue roles like the lead in Adventureland with co-star Kristin Stewart which debuted just months before his horror-comedy hit Zombieland.

Jesse continues to take interesting and challenging roles like the young Hasidic Jew who becomes an Ecstasy dealer he plays in Holy Rollers. We here at Young Hollywood can't wait to see what this chic geek will tackle next.


Check out our YH Studio interview where Jesse tells host RJ Williams about what it was like working with his friend Justin Bartha in Holy Rollers and how he navigates the crazy world of Hollywood.



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