Jackson Rathbone

Born: December 21, 1984

Jackson Rathbone has most notably starred in the Twilight movies playing the role of Jasper Hale, but there is much more to this young star than his vampire film credits.

Jackson was born in Singapore and moved around all over the world before his family finally settled in Texas. There he joined the local community theater, played a variety of sports, started a band and even ran a mobile DJ business.

Jackson moved to L.A. after graduating from high school, where he quickly landed a recurring role on "Disney 411" interviewing Disney Channel stars.

Jackson guest starred on "The O.C." and appeared in several independent films before being cast as a series regular on the ABC show "Beautiful People". He was chosen by "Girls' Life" magazine as "Hottie of the Month" and was also featured in "ELLEgirl" and "Popstar". He also played Sokka in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

His music is also very important to him, and he plays gigs with his band, 100 Monkeys, at clubs all across the country.



  • His full name is Monroe Jackson Rathbone V.
  • Jackson named his guitar Annabelle because he thinks it's a good southern girl name.
  • He has been quoted as saying his hero is Johnny Depp.



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