Hilary Duff was born on September 28, 1987 in Houston, TX. A performer from the start, Duff's first on-stage experience was with her sister Haylie in the Columbia BalletMet's production of the Nutcracker.
Since then, she has taken on the world of movies, music and, of course, television where she starred in the hit Disney series, Lizzie McGuire. After gaining fame as "Lizzie," Duff went on to star in hit movies such as Cheaper by the Dozen, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, and A Cinderella Story. For such a young star, Duff never lost momentum, and in 2003, while filming Cheaper by the Dozen, Duff recorded her first multi-platinum album Metamorphosis and set the bar high for her fellow young stars.
However, Duff has more than just a pretty face and a host of fanatical fans. She assured Young Hollywood that to be successful in this business you have to first work hard and be motivated, and then comes the glitz and glam. Duff's third album, Dignity, was certified Gold in 2007. And her greatest hits album, Best Of Hilary Duff, gave her a third number one Billboard Hot Dance Club Play single "Reach Out."

Hilary most certainly continues to keep busy in the world of music, T.V. and movies!



Hilary was born 7 weeks premature!

She has her own fragrance called With Love.

Hilary loves Jelly Bellys, Dr. Pepper, cheese pizza, and Sprite.

"Stuff by Hilary Duff" is the name of her clothing line sold at Target stores nationwide.

Hilary was homeschooled, along with her sister Haylie, since she was ten years old.