Elisha Cuthbert



Hollywood's favorite girl next door was born Elisha Ann Cuthbert on November 30, 1982 in Calgary, Canada. This Canadian hottie started her career early on in Montreal as the co-host of the television show "Popular Mechanics for Kids." At the age of seventeen, Cuthbert moved to Los Angeles to continue in her pursuit of acting. Soon after her arrival, she landed the role on the series 24 as Kim Bauer, the daughter of CTU agent Jack Bauer. She appeared there for a couple of seasons before moving on to the big screen with some small roles in Old School and Love Actually.

Her first starring role in a film came in The Girl Next Door as an ex porn star! On top of that, she is regularly on Maxim and FHM's list of Top 100 Hottest/Sexiest. Elisha is also one of Hollywood's fashionable young ladies and we got a taste of that as Young Hollywood caught up with her at the 2BFree Fashion Show at L.A.'s fashion week. This hottie has style, class and talent and its no wonder she is a rising star!



  • She is a big hockey fan.
  • Elisha doesn't like to fly.
  • She is fluent in French.




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