If the world didn't know who Christian Bale was before his role as Batman, we certainly do now! Christian Charles Bale was born on January 30, 1974, in Wales. Christian has spun into Hollywood stardom more recently in past the few years, but he has been acting since before he was a teenager. His first major movie role came at the age of thirteen in the film Empire of the Sun. His performance in the movie had the press and public going crazy for him. The National Board of Review for Motion Pictures gave him an award for the "Best Performance by a Juvenile Actor." They had actually created the award especially for Bale. After all the attention that the young star received he questioned continuing as an actor. Lucky for us, he continued on. In the early nineties, he starred in several movies including Newsies, Swing Kids and Little Women.

Bale's later work proved to be more intense and caused a stir for his career. He played a serial killer in American Psycho and a chronic insomniac in The Machinist. These roles were major for his career and proved that he was a chameleon when it came to his acting roles. In 2004 he was cast as Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman Begins and came back for the same role in The Dark Knight. At the 2006 MTV Movie Awards, he won the Best Hero award. After his performance as Batman, he is Young Hollywood's favorite hero too!



Has been a vegetarian since the age of six and doesn't eat red meat since reading the book "Charlotte's Web."

Christian is active in many organizations including Ark Trust, Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Foundation, theDian Fossey Gorilla Fund, the Redwings Sanctuary, the Happy Child Mission, and a school for street kids in Rio De Janeiro.

Is the first non-American to play the role of Batman!

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