Born: July 20, 1964

Seattle, Washington

This west coast native found success early on in his musical career as the front-man of Seattle's Soundgarden. Despite the group's demise in 1997, Chris prevailed as a controversial solo artist and vocalist for Audioslave.

Music has played a key role in Chris' life from an early age. Piano lessons were just the beginning. It wasn't until his mom sat him in front of a snare drum that he truly realized his passion for music. The rock mentality and dislike for authority took a stronghold on Chris and influenced him to drop out of school at the age of 15. Chris chose to take the road less traveled and devoted his time to working in order to help his mom support the family. To make a quick buck, Chris waited tables; but later, he became a cook. He satisfied his musical fix by playing in bands during his free time.

His dedication paid off when Soundgarden signed with A&M Records, naming them the first of the Seattle grunge bands to sign with a major label in the late 1980s. The band achieved multi-platinum status and earned two Grammy awards. Soon after, Cornell decided to go at it alone and he released Euphoria Morning, a solo album that showcased his amazing versatility as a vocalist and songwriter. The vocals shocked his grunge fan base. Then, he quickly joined three other musical pioneers to create the supergroup, Audioslave. His exploration within the music realm led him to his new collaboration, Scream, with producer Timbaland. The album is nothing like what we have ever heard in clubs today. But Chris assures us that we will be hearing it soon.

Chris will continue to cross musical lines, but one thing is for sure...he will never cease to amaze us. Chris has it all as a legendary rocker and a true family man.



Born Christopher John Boyle, after his parents divorced he took oh his mother's maiden name"š Cornell.

He has five siblings; older brothers Peter and Patrick, and younger sisters Katy, Suzy, and Maggie.

He enjoys snowboarding and mountain biking.

He wrote songs for Great Expectations, Mission Impossible II, and Casino Royale.

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