Chloe Moretz







Known for her breakout role in The Amityville Horror, Chloe Moretz is one of the most successful young actors in the Hollywood film business. She first appeared in the television show "The Guardian" where she made her debut as a young actress. Her career took off shortly after, landing her roles in films like Heart of the Beholder, Big Momma’s House 2 and 500 Days of Summer.

Over the years she has been nominated for Young Artist Awards for a number of film and television appearances. Don’t let her sweet, innocent personality fool you, she has played a wide range of roles in a number of genres including action, with her role as a badass superhero in the hit film Kick-Ass, and horror, with her starring role in Let Me In. The list goes on and on as she continues to entertain audiences all around the world with her versatile characters and mind-blowing talent.



She was born in Atlanta, GA

Her favorite food is pasta

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