Born: December 3rd, 1968


Brendan Fraser, the actor best known for his work in The Mummy movies, has acted in dozens of films over the years, but he almost did not make it to Hollywood at all.

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana to Canadian parents, Brendan moved around a lot as a child. He was first exposed to live theater when he was barely a teenager in London's famed West End while on vacation from boarding school.

When he moved to Seattle for high school Brendan began acting in localtheater and eventually attended Seattle's Cornish College of the Arts. After graduating, Brendan intended on attending graduate school at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas but somewhere along the line he got sidetracked.

Before he made it to Texas Brendan stopped in Hollywood and decided to take a stab at a film acting career. He soon snagged a small role playing "Soldier No. 1" in Dogfight starring River Phoenix and parlayed that into more auditions that led to his first major role as Link in Encino Man in 1992.

Since then Brendan has starred in a broad spectrum of movies ranging from award winning films like Crash and Gods and Monsters, to family-fun movies such as George of the Jungle and Dudley Do-Right, and even romantic comedies like Blast From the Past with Alicia Silverstone.

Brendan's largest legacy will most likely be his work in The Mummy trilogy in which he starred as adventurer Rick O'Connell, but he continues to tackle all kinds of roles that prove he has the versatility to continue to make it in Hollywood for years to come.


Check out our YH Studio interview with Brendan where he talked with host RJ Williams about how he has successfully made it in the business for decades and what it was like bringing his kids to the set of his animal-centric movie Furry Vengeance.



  • Brendan proposed to his wife, actress Afton Smith, while on vacation in Paris.
  • He and his wife have three children.





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