Barry Pepper
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Barry Pepper was born in Campbell River, British Columbia and lived there until the age of five when his family moved aboard a 50-foot craft shift built in their backyard. Pepper was educated by correspondence courses and the occasional public schooling, while traveling through the South pacific Islands.

After being exposed to the culture and arts of Polynesian children and the sketch acting that kept Barry and his family entertained on board, he had developed a love for acting. He pursued this passion in college through his involvement with the Vancouver Actors Studio.

Following a slow beginning with minor television appearances, Pepper scored his breakthrough role in "Saving Private Ryan." Ever since this film hit the big screen, Pepper has appeared in numerous blockbusters including "Enemy of the State," "The Green Mile," and most recently "True Grit," which all solidified his career as a Hollywood actor.


He lived on a boat with his family for five years

He was born in British Columbia, Canada

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