Ashton Kutcher hasn't always been the well established and highly sought after Hollywood hunk that he is now! Growing up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Kutcher left The University of Iowa when he won a modeling contest in NYC in 1997.

After charming the Big Apple with his good looks, Kutcher began pursuing movies and television. However, it wasn't until his breakout role in "That 70's Show" that the world fell in love with this good-looking goofball. Kutcher then went on to create, produce, and direct the MTV hidden-camera sensation "Punk'd," which established him as the ultimate Hollywood prankster. Some wondered if Kutcher's marriage to Demi Moore was a prank in itself, but this real-life fairy tale is nothing to joke about! As a full-time step father, a successful Hollywood actor, and one of Young Hollywood's favorite faces, we'll let this funny man have the last laugh any day!



A self-proclaimed guy's guy, Ashton Kutcher says he'd prefer to shave his head so he wouldn't have to deal with his hair.

Owns a restaurant in Los Angeles called Dolce.

His older sister, Tausha, used to apply makeup on her sleeping brother when they were kids.

Ashton loves homemade strawberry milkshakes with extra ice cream.




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