Born: 21 February 1987

Jacksonville, Florida

At the age of 17, moving from Florida to Los Angeles was second nature to Ashley. She was turned down to be a runway model because she was too short so she decided to take on the big screen. She soon developed a passion for acting through classes and pursued it like wild-fire. She appeared as a guest on many popular television shows including MTV's "Punk'd" and "Crossing Jordan." The big break that was sure to make her hometown "greene" with envy was her role as Alice Cullen in Twilight.

Young Hollywood was able to hang out with Ashley at Twilight DVD release at Kitson and talk with her about going to Italy for the second film. The Twilight franchise will stay strong so we'll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for when this pixie-cut princess will grace the silver screen again.


Ashley adores Audrey Hepburn.

One of her all time favorite movies is Breakfast At Tiffany's.

Ashley had to learn to pitch like a professional for the baseball scene in Twilight.

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