This beautiful young actress was born on December 3, 1985 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Growing up, Amanda knew that performing was what she wanted to do. She first hit it big in the very popular teenage comedy, Mean Girls. Playing Karen, the cute, airheaded member of the Plastics, Amanda has become very recognizable amongst teenage girls everywhere.

Amanda continued to win acting roles on both the big and small screens. She had memorable roles on two popular, critically acclaimed television shows, UPN's "Veronica Mars" and HBO's "Big Love." Amanda's fame continued to rise after landing the lead role in 2008's summer hit, Mamma Mia! In the movie, she played Meryl Streep's daughter, Sophie, a bride-to-be who wants to figure out which of her mother's past three lovers is her father. In Mamma Mia!, Amanda was able to showcase her acting, singing, and dancing skills! But most importantly, Amanda shared a steamy on-screen kiss with Megan Fox in Diablo Cody's thriller Jennifer's Body. We won't soon forget.

With many upcoming films in her future, it will be exciting to see what this multi-talented star will do next!


  • She was a child model.
  • She trained in the classical opera for two years.
  • She performed a dancing and singing number at the 2009 Academy Awards.